Friday, March 28, 2008

It's a Son

Twenty-one years ago I gave birth to our oldest son, our second child. He was our first home birth. Labor was fast and intense, only 4 hours. Contractions started 3 minutes apart and 90 seconds long, they soon got closer and longer. Our midwife arrived and said I could start pushing anytime I wanted; a short time later I had the urge. I pushed for 45 minutes, but had good rest between pushing contractions. Soon his head was emerging, there was a cord, the midwife slipped it over his head and said I could push again, he shot up into the air, he was posterior, she said "catch him" Bill got him by a leg, her, by an arm. Bill laughed as he put him on my chest and said "It's a son." He cried, I cried, as I looked down at his beautiful face and stroked his cheek with my finger and said "Don't cry," he gazed up at me with his big brown eyes and stopped crying. So much has changed since then; he has grown into a handsome man. This morning as I woke him and wished him Happy Birthday and stroked his cheek it was no longer soft, but full of stubble, but those big brown eyes still looked up at me, as he said "Thanks, Mom." Thank you, my son.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Breast Crawl

This is an amazing video of how a baby will naturally attach itself to the mother's breast if just left alone.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Federal Court

The Government has conceded that vaccines can lead to autism. Certain children may be more prone to have reactions than other children. David Kirby wrote on the Huffington Post that: "After years of insisting there is no evidence to link vaccines with the onset of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the US government has quietly conceded a vaccine-autism case in the Court of Federal Claims." Please read the whole article.