Friday, June 20, 2008

Proud Mom

Well Wednesday was the last day of school for my three youngest. Oliver graduated from 8th grade and will be our fourth child to attend PHS, like his parents did. Isaac graduated from 6th grade and Alanna finished 4th. It was a very busy week with one of my best friends retiring from teaching, she taught 5 of our 6 3rd grade and now she is moving to Arizona. Another very good friend who moved to Omaha 2 years ago was in town and we had a very short visit, miss her so much. But more importantly is our three youngest ended the year making us very proud parents. They accomplished a lot and we are proud because they did the work. People will try to give me credit for what my kids have done, while I gave them the best start I could, I tried to take care of myself while I was pregnant and I nursed all of them, made sure they got to school on time and did their homework, the things a parent should do, they decided to be examples to their teachers and peers. They are truly bright and beautiful children, that are just growing up way too quickly.

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Keep Home Birth Legal

The AMA and ACOG are trying take this option away from parents. I believe parents should birth where they feel it is best for them, for some that is the hospital, for others a birth center and for some it is home. I have given birth three times at home and would have given birth all six times if I could have. Please sign this petition to keep our rights.