Sunday, October 24, 2010

This is for my wife, but really goes for all you mothers out there

This was written by one of my student's whose wife gave birth a week ago. It is so sweet. Thank you Jonathan.

I admire you so much for the past 10 months. You took on the commitment to have a child, something you knew would entail so much sacrifice. You carried our unborn Parker, you quit caffeine and alcohol, watched your diet, and even left work early from a job you love and sat at a desk bored to death, all for his safety. You read, and read, and read and researched things I never even thought of. You talked to so many people to educate yourself about how to best care for this little life inside you, and eventually outside of you! I've never seen you so committed to anything, and you've accomplished some amazing things in your life. You worked with me through my ignorance and bullishness about methods that were not the "main-stream" but nonetheless best for us and P. And you did all of this while I was distracted, in school, with not a lot to give you at the end of the day.

You labored like a champ, you kept me calm even though I was stirring inside. You only muttered "we might have to go to the hospital" one time, and you didn't even complete that sentence, even though you knew there was a chance I might have to deliver Parker in the car on the way to Renee's, because you stuck to your beliefs and your wishes. Being in the birth tub with you, being there for you to float on and try to give you words of encouragement was the most important moment of my life, and I was amazed at how strong you were, how in control you seemed... even though I know you felt a bit out of control. You calmed in between those intense moments. And you did it... you delivered the most beautiful baby boy in the world.

After you accomplished that amazing feat, you immediately nursed Parker, as exhausted as you were, even though you sustained great personal injury, that most of us guys would have sat with for a week in bed expecting to be waited on hand and foot. Throughout this past week, you have mastered a hugely steep learning curve, at great personal physical and emotional sacrifice to nourish our little guy, sometimes in tears, but always with love and devotion. You are a rock, but the best kind of rock... tough and hard and multifaceted, but with a warm, loving, squishy center.

Thank you Jessie... and thank you all you moms out there. I never understood what kind of sacrifice and work this was... until it happened to us!

You're a great Mommy... but I never had a doubt!