Saturday, November 29, 2008

Giving Thanks

We like to say in our family we are "Traditionally untraditional." Years ago to get what was then the little ones out of the house my husband decided to take them on a hike, which is where the tradition started. Each year they go to the same place, take pictures, eat oranges, and write what they are thankful for and bury it in a canister, to be dug up the next year, this has been going on well over 10 years, the three youngest could hardly wait to be old enough to go on the hike, which was 5 years old. They all come back in a good mood and laughing.

My husband are thankful that we have our six children to make memories with, he with the "Thanksgiving Hike" and I with a sit down dinner for 16-30 people. We are blessed.