About Us

We were high school sweethearts; we met when we were 15 at Palmdale High School.  We were both born and raised in the Antelope Valley.  We are the parents of six children; 2 daughters and 4 sons, our first was born in the hospital, second at home, third at a birth center, fourth was a husband attended at home, fifth natural labor but ended in a c-section, and our sixth was a VBAC at home.  All the children were breastfed.

We became natural childbirth educators after the birth of our second child and have been teaching since 1988 and have taught almost 400 couples.  We want our couples to have the best birth experience they can and feel confident in their choices.

We have been blessed by those who have walked in our door.  Dorene has been lucky enough to attend some of her student’s births.   Many of our students are now our friends.