Thursday, June 24, 2010

What is Natural Anymore?

In an article written by Abi Cotler O'Roarty in the Huffington Post, states that:

By way of contrast, in the U.S. today, labor is medically induced or augmented 80 percent of the time in hospital births, versus. 9.5 percent in 1991 (Martin and associates, 2009). The use of an Electronic Fetal Monitor throughout labor has also steadily risen since its invention in the 1970s to the current rate of 75 percent, though women continuously hooked up to one cannot move around freely while laboring. And one in three women now have cesarean births, up from 1965 when it was the 4.5 percent that the World Health Organization still recommends.

It seems all women must have their baby by week 41 and most women "need help." We have not made strides in birth but in the reverse. Thank-goodness for doctors like Dr. Biter in San Diego.

End of An Era

Yesterday, life as we have known it changed.  Our last child finished 6th grade at Desert Rose.  We first walked on the campus in 1990 when our oldest started kindergarten, I started volunteering then and my last day was yesterday.   The school holds more good memories than bad, it was such a part of our lives.  We will now have two kids in high school as Isaac graduated from 8th grade, our 5th to go to the same high school where my husband and I met.  So yesterday when I left the campus, I realized it was the last time I was leaving as a parent of a student. . .  I just hope in the fall when it is time to take Alanna to school I go to the right school, old habits can be hard to break!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

This is what being a mom is about. . .

The last few days have been so very busy. Sending one son off to live across country for the summer, then having our oldest son graduate from the Antelope Valley College Fire Academy, and then our youngest daughter had her dance team awards.

Our oldest son, has not always had it easy when it comes to learning, but he has worked so hard to learn how he learns best and his dedication is amazing. So yesterday, we were so proud to watch him graduate from the AVC Fire Academy. It is a long 9 month program, with much to learn both academically and physically. He did this while he also worked 2-3 jobs. So to watch him yesterday in his uniform, with a smile that can melt your heart (much like his dad's), just could not have been prouder of him.

All I can say is, wow, am I blessed.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Breastfeeding Video

Great little video. Why can't a woman who needs a c-section breastfeed right after?