Sunday, May 13, 2012

I am Loved

Today I have felt the love of my husband and our six children.  I thanked my husband for giving me the 7 greatest gifts, his love and our six children.  I don't need anything fancy on Mother's Day, silly gifts, simple gifts, gifts from the heart are the best gifts you could get.

Today has been a day of really feeling I was loved by those who matter most to me, my family.  Conversations with my kids, smiles, giggles, a picture sent from afar.  The only thing that could have made today better was to have Alexa and Eric here. 

You give birth to them, thinking they will stay small forever, but they grow, they move, they become adults that you are so proud to say "Hey, they are mine!"

I gave them life and they in turn give me life, the best gifts you can ever get from you children are:  Their smiles, their happiness and most of all their love. 

Alexa, Ian, Eric, Oliver, Isaac and Alanna, thank you for loving me.

Love you.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Breast-feeding a 3-year-old is normal, anthropologist says –

Breast-feeding a 3-year-old is normal, anthropologist says –

" Though some online are calling it "perverted" and "dangerous" to nurse a 3-year-old, "It's normal for our species. It's not perverted; it's not sex; it's not women doing it for some perverse need. It's normal like a nine-month pregnancy is normal," says Katherine Dettwyler, a professor of anthropology at the University of Delaware in Newark, Del."

From Breasts to Boobs and Back Again

From Breasts to Boobs and Back Again

" I was breastfed as a baby. Honestly, I feel squirmy even typing “breast.”  Twelve years after I stopped nursing, breasts became boobs, and then in high school they became tits (and a plethora of other names), and now, as a husband and father, they’re back to breasts. I’ve come full circle. I see them as a means of nourishing children, and as sexual objects. I’m not sure how I feel about that. The fact that I sexualize the one piece of female anatomy from which I once fed, makes me feel grotesquely simple.  I think that feeling is at the heart of why people are uncomfortable with the recent image on the cover of Time Magazine."

Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Reflections of Breastfeeding"

Top 10 Pregnancy Procedures to Reject - Consumer Reports

Top 10 Pregnancy Procedures to Reject - Consumer Reports

 Despite a health-care system that outspends those in the rest of the world, infants and mothers fare worse in the U.S. than in many other industrialized nations. The infant mortality rate in Canada is 25 percent lower than it is in the U.S.; the Japanese rate, more than 60 percent lower. According to the World Health Organization, America ranks behind 41 other countries in preventing mothers from dying during childbirth.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Baby of Mine

Life as a mom is always challenging and changing.  Yesterday was our firstborn's 27th birthday, where does the time go?  Weren't we just 15 and falling in love at PHS?  Now our 4th will be graduating from PHS in a few weeks.

27 years ago today, we brought Alexa home from the hospital and today she left home again, but this time so far away.  She is on her way to Seattle where she will be a reporter.  We are proud of her and want her to do really well so she can get a job back in California!  Can't believe we have TWO kids who live out of state.

You want to them to grow up and move out and do the things they should do, only it should be close to home!

Boy, my arms feel empty. . . but my heart is ever so full.