Friday, May 4, 2012

Baby of Mine

Life as a mom is always challenging and changing.  Yesterday was our firstborn's 27th birthday, where does the time go?  Weren't we just 15 and falling in love at PHS?  Now our 4th will be graduating from PHS in a few weeks.

27 years ago today, we brought Alexa home from the hospital and today she left home again, but this time so far away.  She is on her way to Seattle where she will be a reporter.  We are proud of her and want her to do really well so she can get a job back in California!  Can't believe we have TWO kids who live out of state.

You want to them to grow up and move out and do the things they should do, only it should be close to home!

Boy, my arms feel empty. . . but my heart is ever so full.

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