It is with confidence and great pleasure that I recommend Dorene and her childbirth classes! My husband and I were dedicated to having a natural, non-medicated birth at the Women and Infants Pavilion at the Antelope Valley Hospital, and that is exactly what we had...and Dorene's guidance helped us achieve this! In this eight week course we learned about the stages of labor, birthing positions, relaxation, preparation...and she had an absolutely delicious homemade snack at each meeting. When I had any question Dorene was ready with advice and reassurance that all would be well. When I went into labor I was able to have the birthing experience my husband and I wanted for our little boy. He is perfect and we are very grateful for Dorene, her husband, and the classes!

  I highly recommend any of Dorene's classes! We just finished the 8-week course and could not be more prepared or informed! Even if you're thinking you need the drugs, the education you'll receive in this course is invaluable.


I've had 2 induced births, one ending in a c-section. I've always wanted a natural birth but didn't know where to turn or how to do it. With the birth of our 3rd on the horizon I took Dorene's childbirth class....I know with everything in my heart that it was her class that led to me having a completely natural birth (a home VBAC to be exact). If only I'd had her class before my first one, I know they all would have been natural births.


I have 3 children and didn't take a childbirth class until my 3rd pregnancy. I'm thrilled to have had natural childbirth for my 3rd delivery after my previous negative experiences with medicated births. The class helped me know what to expect during a non-medicated labor and to stand up for my rights as a mother and as a patient. I learned so much through those classes. -


My husband and I took Dorene's childbirth class 3 years ago. We loved the class and the knowledge that Dorene provided us. I have had wonderful birthing experiences as a result, knowledge is power, especially when giving birth in the AV :) Dorene is amazing, she comes along beside you and is available to you even outside of class hours. I am so thankful to have had her guiding us in the birthing process.

My name is Kathy and I went through Dorene's class in the fall of 1988. It was the greatest experience!!! It was a time when Lamaze was the only thing anyone really talked about. People thought I was weird wanting to this 'natural' thing, but Bill and Dorene made it perfect!!! I have two amazing daughters who were breast fed until they were both 18 months and both were birthed without drugs!

My name is De'Ette and I have attended 2 sets of Dorene's classes and I have to say I don't know what would've happened without Dorene.  She is a fabulous teacher who is full of important information that NO ONE ELSE will tell you. There is  no one like Dorene and her wonderful treats for each class (both informative and tasty). Interestingly enough her classes are also a great way to get a little closer to your husband and have an intimate and relaxing night off together. Check it out and enjoy!