Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Many things in life you have no control over. I may not have been blessed with the best family, but the greatest gift my parent's gave me besides my life, is my oldest sister.

As a young girl I always looked up to her. There were five of us girls; she had the only room to herself after we moved to Palmdale. I can remember she would sometimes ask "Would you like to sleep in my room tonight." She had a double bed and I can remember trying to not wiggle too much, as I wanted to be invited back. She seemed so perfect at the time (she wasn't, but to a 9 year old, she was). She would read her scriptures and say her prayers. I was in awe of her. When she married right out of high school to her high school sweetheart, she would sometimes invite me over to bake, I thought I was special.

Over the years we had our moments, as most sisters do. But her family and mine became close. We each had six children. She was always there for me if I ever needed her. When my brother-in-law suddenly died the night before my nephew got married, my heart just ached as I watched my sister and her children try to deal with things. She was strong once again, and put a smile on her face the next day for her son's wedding. Once again, I was in awe.

She stayed strong, though I know it was hard. She had her children and her grandchildren to think of. A surprise came when one of her husband's friends that they had remained close to, asked her out. Their relationship grew and she married him. It was nice to see her being loved as a woman again.

Then, not too long ago, my nephew called to say my sister had a brain tumor, my world shattered. But once again, I was in awe of my sister as she dealt with the situation. She had become the comforter. We were so lucky to be blessed with some wonderful doctors and nurses who removed the large tumor. It was benign and they got it all. As we took turns going into the ICU, I walked in with one of my nephews and she looked up and said "Hi, Dorene." She was so clear, so strong. Now that she is healing and trying to get back to normal, she still just amazes me. She just gives you peace when you are around her. I know that I have been blessed with the best sister and am so thankful.

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