Monday, September 13, 2010

Boosting breastfeeding through government policy -

Boosting breastfeeding through government policy -


Ruth Wilson said...

Great article, Dorene! When Shane and I were discharged from the hospital after having Max, we were given the same free diaper bag filled with formula (+ coupons for more formula) mentioned in the article. As you already know, I had a very difficult time with nursing and having that bag full of formula made it too easy to supplement Max while he and I struggled with breastfeeding. If I didn't already have things straight in my mind about breastfeeding, I would have given up and just allowed Max to be formula fed. Instead of sending new moms home with a bag full of formula, hospitals need to provide them with a list of lactation professionals as well as the contact information of their local LLL leader. We need to stop making formula feeding such an easy option for mothers to turn to.

Ruth Wilson
(Proud breastfeeding mom for 24+ months)

Dorene Vaughn said...

Formula just shouldn't be be given to new moms, period. You are proof of sticking with breastfeeding can pay off. So proud of you!