Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lucky Woman, am I

Okay, it was my birthday yesterday, and yes, I am getting old . . .  But what a wonderful day it was.  Lots of friends wishing me happy birthday and then spending the day with my wonderful family.

My three youngest made lasagna for dinner and my youngest daughter made my birthday cake.  Had fun watching them as they assembled the lasagna.  Had just a few family members and sons’ girlfriends over.

My youngest wrote me two songs on the piano, one of my son's and husband made me a silly video (gosh, I am a sucker for those!), my oldest daughter couldn't make it so she called and read me a poem she wrote, the kicker was tickets to go see U2 with her!  I mean how cool is that, that your daughter would want to go to a concert with you!  Got some silly gifts and some really nice ones too.  But the best was just feeling special and loved by my amazing family.

Yep, a lucky woman am I.

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