Saturday, November 19, 2011

4 Years

Last night my son Oliver played his last high school football game, they lost in the first round of playoffs.  But more importantly he played, he started all 4 years of football, freshman, JV and Varsity.  He was an offensive lineman, one of the players that doesn't get the glory, but can get all the blame.  Nothing happens on offensive unless your line does its job.  Oliver did his job very well, he and his friend Eric could open up big holes when they put them together on the line.

He supported his younger brother Isaac on the JV team and encourages him to be better than he was.

I hurt for him when he lost, I cheered for him when he won, PROUD of him no matter what.

Last night when we got home he gave me a big hug and said "Thank you mom for always being there and supporting me"

Man, I love that kid.


Ruth Wilson said...

Wow Dorene! He looks so grown up!!!

Dorene Vaughn said...

He is slowly turning into a man. . .