Monday, December 26, 2011

Perfect Gift

Being a parent can have it struggles, learning to let go, learning to bite your tongue sometimes as they grow older.  Learning that your kids need you in different ways.  You wonder, if you really did a good job.  I know as a mom I have so much more to learn and improve on. . .  But yesterday, my 21 year old son Eric (he has gone away to college) gave me the most wonderful gift, he wrote me something from the heart and the tears, they did flow.  Reminds me again how blessed I am to be the mom to these six children.

Dear madre
I love you quite a lot
It’s too hard to buy you presents
So I’ve resorted to a poem to fancy your pleasance

For the first time in my life you no longer make me lunches
But that’s okay because I’m still delivered packages with love in bunches
I may not show it much because it’s not in my nature
But I miss warm hugs and kisses; the food you cater

Your children may not show it at times but we know it’s true
Behind all our success is a mom who showers us with “I love you’s”
I’m proud every second to call you my mother
No other woman would do, I couldn’t ask for another

You’re stronger than you think mom, don’t forget it
You’ve won a lot of battles to get me here so you get some credit
Love isn’t a good word to use; it’s not strong enough
To express how lucky I am to have parents who’ve never given up

Most of all, you’ve paved my way
If I’m a shade of a good man, it’ll be because your hand was at play
Thank you for all you do, your nurture never fails
And with you as a source of encouragement, I know I’ll always prevail

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