Sunday, December 14, 2008

25th Cookie Party

I am blessed with so many amazing women that surround me. I have my online friends that are truly amazing and full of wonderful information and support, and then I have my Cookie friends. Yesterday I had my 25th Cookie Party. A slightly smaller group this year, sometimes life gets in the way of coming, there are 12 of us, but most show up with their baked goods (it doesn't have to be cookies, just bring something!). I am lucky my husband takes all the kids out, though Alexa was working and couldn't go, no matter how old they get they look forward to hanging out with their dad and then coming home to goodies.

It was a busy day, as my daughter Alanna and her best friend Hannah marched in the Christmas Parade, Hannah's mom comes to the Cookie Party, so we spent our morning in the cold and wind. I rushed home an hour before my party was to start to find Lenda knocking at my door, great, help! We finished up cleaning a few things, as Liz and Rachelle showed up and they pitched in to help. Soon, Lisa, Debbi (who came from Arizona), Freda, my sister who was at my first and most since, and Holly showed up. We may not always have time to get together during the year, but really try to make the time for "our" tradition. Lisa made beautiful stockings for everyone with her cookies inside and Holly (the crafty friend) made special towels with "Dorene's 25th Annual Cookie Party" emborided on it, how thoughtful and special of her. There was a time we cared what someone brought, now we just care that we show up. Sometimes husbands wonder why all the hassle of baking goodies for every woman there, it is a time where we eat lunch and just talk and catch up on each others lives, there is nothing to buy and no one to impress, just be there and listen and talk.

I thank my "Cookie Sisters" for always making my Cookie Party special, and for keeping the tradition alive.

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