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The Birth Story: The Day of Dignity

April 20, 2009

By Leslie
Confident and comfortable with our decision to give birth at home for the second time we knew that the events would unfold much differently and we’d be more prepared. For me, both times giving birth was an empowering experience. Being left alone to birth a new life into this world (in your environment), can put the mind at ease making it easier to relax and be aware.

During birth, I applied the Mongan Method HypnoBirthing techniques and some Bradley basics. The affirmations and breathing techiniques from the HypnoBirthing book helped more than anything. They helped keep me focused and in control.

Two days prior to labor beginning, menstrual like cramp pains would set during the morning but they would subside by the afternoon. The second day- they lasted later into the afternoon so my husband decided to come home from work early. He and I both had a feeling something was going to happen we just weren’t 100% sure. I was feeling guilty that he’d left work early because I started to feel fine as the day went on. I certainly wasn’t in labor- (Yet!)

I fell alseep that evening at about 8:30pm to be rudely awoken by my bag of waters tear at 1:38 AM. I contacted my midwife, Aleks, and she advised me to go back to bed and get rest especially since we knew what was ahead. It was considered to be a high leak and not a complete rupture. With Tristan my water broke- it wasn’t a gradual processs…which in my opinion is not fun!!!

I laid in bed thinking about the day ahead of me. Thinking about Clark and what he’d look like. Thinking about his journey - our journey. I actually felt a sudden spell of energy and excitement. I tried to go back to bed since I wasn’t feeling any contractions/surges yet but with the leak it was pretty darn uncomfortabIe. I finally left our bed and went into the living room where I did some tweeting and mainly tried to relax while listening to soundscapes on the t.v. tuner.

My mom came by at 5AM before she went to work and checked on how I was doing. Nothing had changed. She left telling me that I’d be giving birth later that afternoon. Later that afternoon came and went and the midwives had arrived earlier - approx. 11:30AM. I was starting to have very mild surges. Before the midwives arrived we’d done everything we needed to do to prepare for the birth I even managed to get split pea soup started for everyone.

After we ate lunch, about 1:30pm- Tyler, Tristan and I went for walk. I’d close my eyes and hold onto the stroller and breath in the fresh air. I remember thinking-I couldn’t believe it was April Fools Day and Clark fooled us afterall! We joked and laughed about it. The walk turned out to be helpful. After returning, about 10 minutes later the surges began to grab stronger. Tyler decided to take Tristan to the park so I could nap. I napped for a very short period of time and labored in our living room listening to Bluegrass music while chatting with my midwives.

At some point, my mother in law came for Tristan after the park and promised to bring him back so he could be part of the birth. I focused and remained relaxed and would keep running a few mantra’s through my head “With every breath I support the arrival of my baby”. I accepted what was happening- my uterus would tighten and let go.

I had chatted through most it if Aleks and Beth. When the surges were 3 minutes apart - I made the decision to get into the water birthing tub. We lit candles and set the atmosphere. It was about 5:30pm. I called my mom and asked her to arrive in a half hour.

She showed up with my dad- who stayed out in the living room the entire time LOL! ( good thing!!!!). My midwives did a wonderful job of keeping me calm and only came in when it was necessary. I labored with my mom and Tyler by my side. It was a very soothing and cozy being in the water. The water helped keep me calm. On top of that it was quiet. I wanted stillness. The surges had engaged and turned into pushing about and hour later. It became an intense atmosphere. When this happened I felt like the water helped keep the feelings of being uncomfortable at bay.

There were definitely some uncomfortable moments but it was worth every moment of them… moments where I wanted to tell my husband to quit rubbing my neck, when I finally took the cold cloth off my forehead and when I yelled at my husband to move his hand as he was catching Clark! I just remember following the lead of my body and being focused. Deep breaths. I’d been pushing for 21 minutes at this time. My hands then my entire body started to tingle (not orgasmic in any way…exhausation) and just as it started, like that Clark had entered the world! My husband received Clark and passed him on to me within seconds. 7:41 PM - 9lbs. 3 oz. and 21 inches long!

I definitely felt Clark soar out of me- with Tristan he must’ve had a cape during his soar because I didn’t feel as much it happened so fast. Okay, I felt the ring of fire for a spilt second! Clark forgot his cape and I felt that baby body come out- no ring of fire this time…just extreme pressure! Both experiences were incredible and memorable. I can’t believe I have a Fools Day baby and an Earth Day baby…kinda funny how that turned out!

Since Clark has arrived I’m enjoying the oxytocin benefits from breastfeeding- that combined with my placenta pills and few homeopathic remedies…I’m good!! I’m happy that Clark is finally here!

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