Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

I wish all you Mother's out there a wonderful day. I have always felt that one of the greatest gifts my husband gave me was the gift of becoming a mother, six times over.

I am an easy to please mother on this day, no need for expensive gifts, just let me know I am loved. So the kids woke me up this morning to breakfast in bed and some homemade cards, fresh cut roses from our backyard and some coupons for back rubs, car washing and one of my favorites a "Shut up" coupon from my son Oliver, who tends to argue every point. We later drove up to the local mountains and had a picnic. We also had an uninvited guest a 5 ft. diamondback rattle snake. My husband said it first was headed towards me and then went back under one of the picnic tables we had our stuff on. It stayed put and we kept an eye on it and still enjoyed our picnic.

I felt extra blessed as two of my son Eric's friends texted him to tell me Happy Mother's Day and then after Ian went to work he texted me that one of his friends texted him to tell me Happy Mother's Day.

So I hope you all enjoy your day.

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